GET –A – BIKE | תשובות

Question 1
What do we learn in lines 1-3?
i) Why Norman Silver interviewed Janet.
Question 2
Janet started GET-a-BIKE afteriii)
she got a new bike from her parents.
Question 3
Janet's idea was toii)
give old bikes to schoolchildren
Question 4
People learn about GET-a-BIKE from notices that are put up all over the city//an internet site. 
Question 5
How does Larry Hanson get the bicycles for GET-a-BIKE?
ANSWER: People bring their old bikes to his shop//He collects bikes from people's homes.
Question 6
Give TWO things Larry does to make sure the children are safe when riding their bikes?
ANSWER: 1) He checks all the bikes
2) He donates a helmet to each child.
Question 7
Which kids are on the school list? Kids whoii)
study well at school.
iv) need a bike.
Question 8
Who decides which children get bikes?
i) Lakeside schools.

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