Question 1
What do we learn about Justin from lines 1-5?
iv) What he has achieved.
Question 2
Melissa Jones speaks of "the team's success"(line 7).What is she referring to?
ANSWER: Winning 3 inter school championships.
Question 3
What may help Oak Park students learn to play chess well?
ANSWER: Taking// To take weekly chess classes (as part of the regular school day)//Practicing //To
practice with advanced students.
Question 4
According to lines 6-13, why do Oak Park students prepare posters?
ANSWER: To support the chess team//T o show their support for the chess team. 
Question 5
What are we told about both Oak Park and Bennington High?
ii) Chess is part of the school's curriculum.
Question 6
According to Turner, what ability do children develop when learning to play chess?
ANSWER: The ability to concentrate.
Question 7
Give ONE benefit of chess is mentioned by Paul Turner.
iv) Playing well can help you feel good about yourself.
Question 8
What does Turner say about having a chess program in school?
iii) Any school can afford to have one.
Question 9
What did the mother who is mentioned in line 25 tell Turner about her son?
iii) His behavior has improved since he learned to play chess.

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